The history of A Rosaleira dates back to the late 1930s. It was founded by José Sánchez, the former mayor and teacher of O Rosal, under the name of “Conservas Vegetales José Sánchez García”.

A Rosaleira was for many years the only vegetable canning factory in Galicia. It was born with the purpose of preserving the fruit jam that Consuelo de Santiago, José Sánchez's wife, made by hand, and evolved into vegetable preserves as the founder, who exhaustively controlled the entire process, approved the different harvests.

Since then, we have preserved the commitment to make our vegetables, fruits and vegetables in the most natural way, without adding additives or preservatives.

In 1967 the decision was made to make canned "grelos". The local people considered it an eccentricity at the time, but over time, when it became the most appreciated of our preserves, the correctness of the decision was demonstrated.

In 2007, Terras Gauda acquired the cannery, thus guaranteeing the viability and good work that has characterized us for so many years.

One of the most appreciated values ​​of A Rosaleira is the way in which we prepare our preserves; we use only natural ingredients, always those that are strictly necessary, nothing superfluous, nothing artificial.

The "grelos"

Our reference preserve