Our reference preserves are "grelos". The first cans were bottled in 1967, being a great novelty at the time.

Balanced acidity

We grow our own seeds in the most suitable soils. As a result, we obtain homogeneous and balanced crops in terms of acidity.

We respect the times of the farms

Likewise, we carry out direct management of the farms, with strict controls and respecting the vegetative cycles.

The traceability of our products is guaranteed.

We select with care

The A Rosaleira turnip tops are selected and washed by hand to preserve their qualities.

They are rich in fiber, carbohydrates and have a very low caloric intake, which makes them good partners for low-calorie diets.


Lacón con grelos

"Lacón con grelos" is a typical Galician dish, traditionally associated with the celebration of carnival.